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Mountain men, Buckskinners. These are names given to a group of men. Hearty enough to, in the early 1800's, become the first men to venture out west in this great country we call home. Testing fate in an attempt to make a fortune in the fur trade era. Some left the city. While others had come from the US military. They all were looking for a place to fit in. Some of them found that in the rugged country that was yet to be explored.

Jump ahead in time to the 1960's. A group of local young men, many just returned form the Vietnam war, got together on the Leverton Family land. They were there to shoot black-powder rifles. Something they were introduced to by generations prior - family, friends, and others. The love of black-powder rifles knit this group together and fueled their interest in the history of what they were doing. After going to a rendezvous in Waverly, Ia. some of these men decided to have their own. they pooled their money and held the first camp in a small county park adjacent to the Leverton property.

Over the years since that first camp of 15 to 20 people. The annual fall rendezvous,held Labor Day weekend, has grown. The 40th anniversary, held on Labor Day weekend 2012, saw a record 125 camps, 272 people camping and many more spectators. The events of our fall rendezvous may vary from year to year but they always involve black powder gun shoots. 

President – Dustin Umphress (641) 208-2837 [email protected]

Vice President – Tom Stanley (641) 485-0449

Treasurer – Keith Stahl (319) 239-6321

Secretary – Marcia Stahl (309) 368-1987

Director – JD Kennedy (641) 660-9060

Director – Jack Borkowski (641) 648-9896

Alternate – Gene Engelkes (641) 373-0544

Historian – Marvin Bierman (319) 404-8828